Promising Rheumatic Drugs Highlight Specialty Pharmacy Week in Review


Top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from June 15 to June 19.

Top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from June 15 to June 19.

Three Value-Based Attributes Payers Should Seek from Pharmacist Partners

Amidst the seismic shift to value-based care, what are the three attributes payers should seek from pharmacist partners?

Moderate or High Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Carries Same Joint Failure Risk

Either patient group in need of more intensive treatment to reduce surgery risk.

New Drug Review: Raplixa by The Medicines Company, Inc

Raplixa is a new option for stopping bleeding during surgery when standard surgical techniques are ineffective.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Awarded Breakthrough Status for Systemic Sclerosis

Drug shows improvement in skin thickening with active treatment.

Pharmacists Need to Weigh Cost—Benefit of Hepatitis C Drugs

The total cost of health must be considered in light of a potential cure.

New Psoriasis Drug Shows Complete Symptom Clearance

Physical aspects and quality of life issues improve with treatment.

Lung Cancer Drug Extends Survival

Necitumumab added to chemotherapy increases survival to nearly a year.

The Search for New Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment Targets

Modifying small white blood cells shows promise in treating immune disorders.

Avocados May Prove to be Cancer Fighter

Lipid from avocados targets leukemia stem cells.

Aggressive Combination Therapy Improves RA Disease Severity

Patients achieve drug-free remission with less expensive biologic drugs during first 2 years of treatment.

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