Program Launched to Save Money on Epilepsy Drugs


Savings program offers $0 co-pays and customer support on antiepileptic treatment.

Upsher-Smith Laboratories has announced the launch of “It’s That Simple,” a program that offers a $0 copay and support for eligible patients prescribed Qudexy XR (topitamate) extended-release capsules.

The drug is a once-daily antiepileptic that treats partial-onset and primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures, according to Upsher-Smith. It can also be added to other medications to offer treatment for patients who experience seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

This new program can offer eligible patients an annual savings of $2400 per year, a value of $200 per prescription. To receive the savings, all patients must do is download an e-voucher, and present it to their pharmacy.

Patients may also receive a free 30-day sample as a part of the program, which can be useful for patients wishing to start treatment immediately. Patients meeding prior authorization can especially benefit from the 30-day sample, since they can initiate treatment while they wait to fill their prescription.

Prior authorization can present a barrier for treatment access in many conditions, including hepatitis C virus, and could cause negative health outcomes in certain cases. For eligible patients requiring prior authorization for Qudexy XR, this may not be a problem.

Upshire-Smith is also offering prior authorization assistance through the program to prevent poor health outcomes for patients wishing to initiate treatment. This aspect of the program allows for the speedy processing of requests for multiple health plans.

Additionally, the Qudexy XR support line provides customers with resources and personal assistance regarding benefit verification and prior authorization. All features of the program are only available to patients who have commercial insurance and are paying in cash.

Patients enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare, TriCare, or federal or state programs are not eligible, according to Upsher-Smith. However, all patients are able to receive free 30-day samples and access the support line.

“Having simplified access to quality, affordable medications is critical to all patients, including those with epilepsy,” said Rusty Field, president of Upsher-Smith. “The ‘It’s That Simple’ program for Qudexy XR offers patients affordable access and enhanced support while enabling healthcare professionals to prescribe the product with greater ease and efficiency. We are pleased to offer more options to patients with epilepsy and to their physicians.”

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