PQA Sees the Social Determinants of Health Guide Expanding, Evolving


PQA wants to expand the types of services covered and report on the results of the current examples that are profiled in the SDOH guide.

Pharmacy Times spoke with Richard Schmitz, PQA Chief Engagement Officer, about PQA plans to expand their social determinants of health (SDOH) guide and how he sees the guide evolving.

Schmitz: This guide just scratches the surface of what's going on in terms of SDOH services. The first edition contains 20 examples. We hope to issue a second edition next January that, you know, we'll add to that. You know, we want to expand the types of services covered. But we also want to report on results of the current examples that are profiled. A lot of those projects are ongoing, and the organizations are getting results every day on how those are working. We want to profile that because people want to pay for to make investments on services that are having, you know, a real, demonstrable impact on patient care.

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