PQA Launches New HIV Medication Use, Quality Measure Course


There are other courses available on HIV, but PQA's surveys the 13 medication related quality measures out there for HIV.

Pharmacy Times spoke with Amanda Ryan, PQA Director of Education, about PQA's first 3-hour independent course focused on HIV Medication Use.

Ryan: Last September, I was excited to launch a new HIV module that went along with the CE program. And we know for people who are living with HIV that pharmacotherapy is a mainstay of treatment. So that's an area in which pharmacist providing care is extremely important as our quality measures related to HIV. So this course helps to provide information about HIV not only clinically, but also about quality measures related to HIV. And that's what makes it unique. There are other courses available on HIV, but this one surveys the 13 medication related quality measures out there for HIV, and it also talks about gaps in quality measurement that still exists. So this sets this course apart from others that are available, we really feel like complements other courses that are available on HIV.

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