PQA Board Chair Susan Cantrell, RPh, CAE, on Sale of PQA Shares in Pharmacy Quality Solutions

Press Release

This is an exciting opportunity for all organizations involved.

The PQA Board of Directors has voted to sell all of PQA’s shares in Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS) to Innovaccer, and the transaction has been completed. This is an exciting opportunity for all organizations involved.

PQA is the national quality organization dedicated to improving medication safety, adherence, appropriate use and medication management services. High-quality medication use is an essential part of preventing disease, managing chronic conditions and supporting overall long-term health, well-being and positive patient outcomes. This action will provide PQA with additional resources to accomplish its goals and achieve its mission.

PQA formed PQS in 2013 in a joint venture with CE City, which is now part of Premier, Inc. The goal was to develop EQUIPP, the first national pharmacy performance management software platform for pharmacies and health plans. PQS has achieved that goal and is a leader in the management of pharmacy performance and patient outcomes achieved through community pharmacies.

With this transition, PQA is confident that PQS will continue to grow and support expanded collaborations among health plans, pharmacies and providers.

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