Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine " Georgia Campus


Students at Georgia Campus " Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (GA-PCOM) are taught not only what to learn, but also how to learn.

Suwanee, Georgia

Founded: 2010

Class Size: Around 100

Students at Georgia Campus — Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (GA-PCOM) are taught not only what to learn, but also how to learn.

When students leave GA-PCOM’s campus, they are expected to embark on a life-long process of learning, even though their formal schooling may have ended.

Michael J. Lee, PhD, assistant dean for professional and student affairs, told Pharmacy Times that students are also encouraged to seek opportunities once they graduate to give back to the profession through junior colleagues and future generations of pharmacy students.

“Be like the teachers and role models who helped you reach your goals,” he said.

GA-PCOM may interest prospective students for its close-knit community, interprofessional education, or internship opportunities. The school also offers both access to the metropolitan city of Atlanta, Georgia (where students can see sporting events, visit indoor and outdoor concert arenas, or check out the Georgia aquarium), and natural environments (where students can hunt, hike, boat, or fish).

Dr. Lee also provided Pharmacy Times with more details on what students can expect to experience at GA-PCOM.

Q: What is unique about your school/program?

A: GA-PCOM is a small but growing postgraduate health sciences campus. The PCOM School of Pharmacy mission emphasizes exceptional student education as well as a commitment to underserved populations in Georgia and the Southeast.

Faculty, staff, students, and visitors often comment on the strong sense of community both within the school of pharmacy and between other programs on campus.

A strength of our program is the commitment and dedication of faculty to ensure student success in all areas, be it academic or extracurricular. Our small, contained campus allows for pharmacy students to interact closely with students from other health-related professions, including medical students.

PCOM also has started a postgraduate pharmacy practice residency in partnership with Gwinnett Medical Center, which is a great addition to our growing school.

Q: What is the teaching style or philosophy?

A: PCOM provides a challenging and supportive environment to students and strives to educate caring, competent, and proactive pharmacists upon graduation.

Our curriculum integrates pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pathophysiology, and therapeutics to unify concepts across these disciplines to allow students to evaluate clinical situations and recommend and implement optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Faculty use active learning, team- and case-based learning, standardized patient encounters, and multiple teaching laboratories that simulate both outpatient and inpatient pharmacies to allow students to meet course objectives and outcomes.

Q: What are some community outreach activities or programs the school participates in?

A: Faculty, students, and outside partners collaborate on service opportunities throughout the year. PCOM’s many student professional organizations develop and implement numerous community outreach activities, including benefit walks/runs, local food banks, clothing banks, and health awareness events, including activities highlighting American Heart Month.

PCOM students become certified immunizers in the first professional year, providing additional opportunities to impact health and wellness through participation in various immunization clinics within the community.

Q: What opportunities do students have for internships or co-ops?

A: Internships are available to students through experiential education and with external entities in many practice settings, including community pharmacies and hospitals.

Students often find internships after completing their introductory pharmacy practice experiences or from local pharmacies looking for interns.

There are also several summer internship programs that PCOM students have received over the last several years, such as the Veterans Affairs Learning Opportunities Residency program.

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