Pharmacy Value Sets Public Comments Requested

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative released a revised draft version of pharmacy value sets, and is requesting comments from stakeholders.

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative, a coalition of 9 professional pharmacy associations and other stakeholders, has released a revised draft version of pharmacy value sets. The coalition is requesting comments from stakeholders about the value sets.

Previously, Pharmacy HIT Collaborative value sets were maintained and distributed using a PDF document. In an effort to enhance portability, the value sets are now accessible on an online database platform.

“These value sets are designed to support standardized documentation, exchange, and reporting of clinical pharmacy data and patient outcomes across all practice settings, regardless of which software system is used to capture the data,” said Shelly Spiro, executive director, Pharmacy HIT Collaborative, in a prepared statement.

Updates to the value sets are part of the continuous maintenance process managed by the coalition to ensure codes are available to document problems, interventions, outcomes, and other clinical information required to study pharmacist-provided services impact on outcomes and cost.

“Demonstrating superior outcomes at the local or regional level, with payers involved, is vital to establishing value-based payment models for pharmacists,” said project manager of Pharmacy HIT Collaborative, Samm Anderegg.

The 30-day comment period begins January 20 and closes February 19. All comments will be reviewed and considered prior to the publication of the revised version value sets. The most current version of value sets is also accessible from the Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) hosted by the National Library of Medicine (NLM).


Pharmacy value sets public comments requested, comment period ends February 19 [news release]. Alexandria, VA; Pharmacy Health Information Technology Collaborative: January 13, 2020 [email]. Accessed January 14, 2020.

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