Pharmacy Times Relaunches #ThankAPharmacist Campaign for American Pharmacists Month


Get involved this October and show your appreciation for the work pharmacists do.

This article was updated October 16, 2018.

This October, during American Pharmacists Month, remember to take time and recognize the hard work of pharmacists around the country.

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is using their annual campaign to celebrate the accomplishments of pharmacists, bring awareness to the importance of their role in health care, and highlight everything they do for the community. This year’s theme—Easy to Reach and Ready to Help—emphasizes the broad spectrum of services pharmacists provide and the fact they are one of the most accessible health care providers, according to a statement from the APhA.

In the statement, the APhA highlights some of the many ways pharmacists provide essential patient care by reviewing medication with patients to ensure safety, efficacy, interactions, and adherence; administering immunizations to prevent the spread of flu and other disease; helping patients manage pain; recommending the best OTC products for patient symptoms; recommending supplements they think may be beneficial to a patient, such as probiotics; counseling patients for the management of disease states, such as diabetes, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol; and aiding patients in smoking cessation.

This year, the hurricane that devastated North Carolina and surrounding regions brings awareness to pharmacist’s vital role in emergency preparedness. Pharmacists in and around the affected region helped those in need through the distribution of medication, the development of mobile pharmacies, and their assistance in patient care, according to the statement.

To honor and recognize the hard work of pharmacists, the month will be packed with events and activities from the APhA. Additionally, several pharmacists will be headed to Capitol Hill to speak in front of Congress about their plans to combat the opioid crisis on October 17, according to the statement.

Pharmacy Times is participating in American Pharmacists Month with our annual #ThankAPharmacist campaign on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social media accounts. You can participate by keeping an eye on our posts, which will prompt our followers to respond with their appreciation for their pharmacists and colleagues.

Social media posts thanking pharmacists are coming in from around the country. Here is what some people are saying:

Happy #PharmacyTechnicianDay to all our technician friends for their invaluable work throughout the year.

Please take a second and thank them when picking up your prescriptions today. 💊#APhM2018 #ThankAPharmacist

— Updox (@updox) October 16, 2018

I thank Emile for making me love pharmacology, Kadima the best lecturer I had so far, Egide for making me love drugs and their production and Kagisha for making me work as I had never imagined. #ThankAPharmacist @RPSARwanda @Uni_Rwanda

— Alliance Stella (@alliance_stella) October 16, 2018

Thank you Dr. Shaw for your contribution as a Pharmacist!#ThePURPOSEofAdvocacy #SNPhAAdvocates #SNPhALMBI #SNPhALMBIAPhM#ThankAPharmacist#APhM2018

— CSU SNPhA (@CSUSNPhA) October 14, 2018

Three cheers for #WomenPharmacistDay as we celebrate ⁦@pharmacists⁩ COO ⁦@LizKKeyes⁩ & 25 years! #APhM2018 ⁦@jannrx⁩ ⁦@cardinalhealth⁩ #ThankAPharmacist ⁦@smsoliman1⁩

— Melissa M Corrigan (@MurerCorrigan) October 12, 2018


October is American Pharmacists Month. American Pharmacists Association. September 27, 2018. Accessed September 27, 2018.

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