Pharmacy Times and Specialty Pharmacy Times Bring You #APharmacistIs

As a part of the continuing effort to increase awareness and celebrate the pharmacy profession, Pharmacy Times and Specialty Pharmacy Times are partnering to launch the #APharmacistIs campaign.

Nicole: Hi, I’m Nicole Grassano from Pharmacy Times.

Laurie: I’m Laurie Toich from Specialty Pharmacy Times and we need your help.

N: Pharmacy Times and Specialty Pharmacy Times are excited to launch a new campaign on November first called #APharmacistIs.

L: Currently, when the average American thinks of a pharmacist, they might think of someone in a white coat who fills prescriptions, but we know there is more to being a pharmacist than this perception.

N: This joint campaign aims to positively change the way people think about the pharmacist.

L: You play a vital role in helping us make this campaign successful.

N: We are asking our pharmacist audience to submit photos and videos that will be complied into a social media-friendly video.

L: We want to get away from the “white coat” notion, so send us a picture of you running a marathon…

N: or painting….

L: or anything else you love to do!

N: Videos submissions should include a few words about what a pharmacist is to you, starting with the words “a pharmacist is…”

L: You can either take the photo or video yourself or have a friend take it for you! You can even send in a group photo of you and your teammates.

N: Please join us in this exciting campaign by sending in photos and videos to the email in the description below ( or posting right to social media using the hashtag A Pharmacist Is.

L: Thank you for watching and we hope you take this chance to celebrate your profession.

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