Pharmacy Students Discuss Studying in Hawaii


Students from the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy discuss their experience at the University of Hawaii.

Taylor Eleola: I find that Hilo cultivates a very peaceful and welcoming environment too study and continue your education in the campus in general, and the surrounding community offers a lot of support and encouragement for incoming students, at least that's what I found. Being from the island of Oahu, it has been very fun to study on a different island while still being in an environment that resembles home to me.

Andrew Schuler: While going to school in Hawaii really did open opportunities most only dream of when they think of Hawaii. Outside from school, I was able to visit many local beaches explore the local volcanoes such as Mauna Kea. I was able to take advantages of visiting other islands to explore the uniqueness and beauty each island possesses. But of course, being a student on the Big Island during the COVID pandemic gave a very unique experience in itself, not only for myself but other staff, other students had to adapt to the changes the pandemic created.

As students, we had to continue our school career through distance learning to ensure our safety, but unfortunately for most people, they did not have that option. Many still had to go into work putting themselves and their families at risk.

Analeslie Martinez: I do have an interest in health, which is actually why I decided to attend DKICP. It's literally the most isolated place on earth, and being able to experience pharmacy and health care, in general in Hawaii, has been such an incredible experience that I'm certainly wouldn't have been able to have anywhere else. This is because of the geographical difference, the culture, the health care systems. It actually can present its own challenges, but it's been such an amazing opportunity to actually learn how people here solve those challenges that may not be seen on the mainland, and it really makes for resilient team and community as well.

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