Pharmacy Ownership Workshop Is Under Way Before the NCPA Convention


This event continues through tomorrow until the start of the National Community Pharmacy Association’s annual meeting.

The ninth annual Pharmacy Ownership Workshop is under way, continuing through Saturday, October 6, before the National Community Pharmacy Association’s (NCPA) Annual Convention begins in Boston, Massachusetts.

In previous years, more than 50% of participants in the Pharmacy Ownership Workshop owned their own pharmacy, according to the NCPA.

McKesson’s RxOwnership is partnering with the NCPA to sponsor the event, according to a company statement.

The company supports the future of independent pharmacy by providing pharmacists with the knowledge and skills to own a pharmacy and accomplish their goals.

Since 2008, RxOwnership has helped more than 5,000 pharmacies in transferring ownership, and in the past year alone, the company has aided in the launch of 350 independent pharmacies, according to the statement.

“RxOwnership is your one-stop shop for pharmacy ownership questions, apprehensions, or ambitions,” said Chris Cella, RPh, national vice president, in the statement. “With this investment in NCPA professional development, we’re supporting both current and future pharmacists interested in owning and operating a community pharmacy. We’re serious about the future of independently owned pharmacies because we know patients and communities depend on them.”

McKesson will also be supporting the Student Ownership Boot Camp Series, a 2-part series designed to guide both pharmacists and students in independent ownership, while also allowing them to build their management skills, according to the statement.

Additionally, McKesson has a Women in Pharmacy Program, where women have the opportunity help each other succeed in pharmacy ownership and students can work with mentors. The program has 4 key focal points, including leadership, mentorship, ownership, and work/life balance to empower women in the field of independent pharmacy. Among the women who attended McKesson IdeaShare, the company’s annual conference, 70% said they consider work/life balance to be the biggest concern for women in pharmacy.

“I decided to participate in the Pharmacy Ownership Workshop as my first step before ownership, which was extremely helpful,” said an active member in the Women in Pharmacy program, Christine Lee-Wilson, PharmD. “A close friend told me that the workshop was very educational, so I knew I should attend, and I’m glad I did.”

The company is also taking part in the official NCPA student education program, with vice president, South Region, Jim Springer giving a presentation titled Importance of Buying and Selling a Pharmacy on Saturday, October 6.

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