Pharmacists Rank High in Most Promising 2017 Professions


Pharmacists continue to rank big in lists that highlight the profession’s value.

Pharmacists continue to rank big in lists that highlight the profession’s value. A

recent Gallup poll

rated pharmacists as the most ethical and honest professionals, and now LinkedIn ranks pharmacy second in its list for the Most Promising Jobs of 2017.

The report highlights the professions with high median salaries and strong job openings, and assesses job ranking based on weighted scores across areas of salary, career advancement, job opening, year-over-year growth, and widespread regional availability. LinkedIn also compiled data from its member profiles to showcase the top skills associated with each career.

Pharmacy ranked as the second most promising profession of 2017, based on LinkedIn data:


Median Base Salary:


Job Openings (YoY Growth):

1,000+ (87%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10

): 6.0

Top Skills:

Medication therapy management, community pharmacy, patient counseling, pharmacy automation, immunization

LinkedIn reported the measures and weights used to make the assessments for the list:

Salary (30%): The median base annual salary for all job titles that have at least 40 entries collected in LinkedIn.

Career advancement score (25%): Titles most likely led to a promotion or internal transfer, based on the percentage of members employed at the end of 2015 who then started a new position at the same company during 2016.

Job openings (20%): The raw number of current job openings for each job title.

Job openings YoY growth (15%): The year-over-year growth in job postings for each job title from 2015 to 2016, based on the percentage change in average daily openings.

Regional availability (10%): The number of regions currently hiring for each job title.

Top skills (not weighted): Skills which are most probably to be listed on a profile with that job title as compared to other titles.

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