Pharmacists Can Benefit from Owning a Physician Practice

In this video, Sarah Hurty, MD, owner of Take Back Your Practice, explains how pharmacists can leverage their skills to own a physician practice, and how they can benefit from this collaboration.


Sarah Hurty, MD: So, pharmacists can benefit from collaborative practice, or managing their own physician practices, because they have the skills to be able to implement systems and cultures that can increase the profit inside a medical practice, and doctors very often-almost no doctors have those skills to start with, but even when they do, they don't necessarily want to use them, and if they don't have them, they almost never want to learn them. So, if pharmacists already have developped those, and it's like independent pharmacists are self-selecting; they don't survive without a certain amount of those skills, unless they're working for somebody else who has them. So, those pharmacists can benefit because it is so much easier to optimize a medical practice for profit by doing wellness medicine inside the insurance model, than it is to optimize a pharmacy. So, the risk to benefit ratio of owning a pharmacy, and trying to optimize a pharmacy for profit is not nearly what it is for a medical practice.