Pharmacist Shot By Man in Women's Clothing


A pharmacist in Arlington, Texas, was recently shot multiple times by a man disguised in women's clothing.

A pharmacist in Arlington, Texas, was shot multiple times by a man disguised in women’s clothing.

Police officers were initially unclear about whether they were on the hunt for a male or female suspect, CBS reported. But, after further study of surveillance footage, officers determined that the individual was indeed a man.

The pharmacy involved in the incident, Remo Pharmacy, has surveillance cameras on either side of it outside, plus one inside the pharmacy. The suspect seemed to be aware that the cameras were there, because the footage showed him covering his face as he walked into the store on August 17, 2016. He entered the pharmacy wearing white shoes, a large hat, and a long floral dress over a pink shirt.

The man approached the pharmacy counter and demanded narcotics, which were held in a locked cabinet, and he also revealed a gun.

The pharmacy owner,

Chris Ajayi,

was shot several times by the suspect during the attempted robbery, according to CBS.

As the suspect left the store, he held a gloved hand to shield his face from the cameras again.

The pharmacy apparently does not keep a lot of cash in the store because it serves some low-income patients and tries to keep drug prices low and profit margins minimal, CBS reported.

“We care,” one Remo Pharmacy employee told CBS. “That’s what pharmacies do. We care. That’s why we’re pharmacists. It’s not about the money anymore. It’s really about taking care of people.”

The pharmacy employee saidthe staff at Remo Pharmacy feel like family, and she calls Ajayi her uncle.

“It hurts. It hurts,” the employee told CBS. “It feels like I don’t want to move. …He’s a wonderful man.”

Ajayi was listed in “good condition” at a hospital, and police are on the lookout meanwhile for a white Nissan Versa or a similar vehicle.

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