Pharmacist Killed After Refusing to Give Robber Oxycodone


A man from Virginia has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder of a pharmacist.

A man from Virginia has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder of a pharmacist.

Authorities say Walter Lane Hubbard, 55, entered Beach Pharmacy in April 2014 and then shot pharmacist David Kilgore in the arm and chest.

Video surveillance shows Kilgore talking on the phone as Hubbard approaches the pharmacy counter. Hubbard fidgets for a while, then pulls out a gun and aims it Hubbard.

Kilgore allegedly told the woman on the phone “I’m being robbed,” according to 10 On Your Side.

Hubbard asked for oxycodone, but the videotape shows Kilgore trying to shoo Hubbard away with his hands. Hubbard later told police that Kilgore said, “Go on, get out of here.”

Hubbard then shot Kilgore just as the pharmacist was readying his own gun, but Kilgore stumbled and collapsed from the injuries, 10 On Your Side reported.

The armed man then went to a second pharmacy, robbed it, and hid at a friend’s trailer in a mobile home park.

Police, who came under fire from Hubbard, then pursued the robber in his stolen car. Eventually, Hubbard lost control of the car when he drove over spike strips on the road and hit 2 vehicles.

In addition to first-degree murder, Hubbard has also pleaded guilty to attempted capital murder for firing at the police officers.

Hubbard could see 23 years in prison. He will be sentenced in May 2015, according to 10 On Your Side.

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