Pet Peeves (November 2015)

Pharmacy TimesNovember 2015 Cough, Cold, & Flu
Volume 81
Issue 11

Read about inpatient patients, drive-thru misuses, and other pet peeves.

When patients don’t have $5 for their kids’ antibiotics, but their cart is full of beer and junk food.

Misuse of the Drive-Thru

Patients who ask for a Kit Kat and a lighter at the drive-through!

The Fast-Food Pharmacy Mentality

When patients will tolerate a 2-hour wait at their physician’s office, but complain about waiting 5 minutes at the pharmacy.

Impatience that Becomes Rude

When I tell patients I will call them when their refill is ready in about 15 minutes, but they pace in front of the pickup area giving me the “Is it ready yet?” look!

What’s bothering you? Bossy patients, abandoned prescriptions, drive-throughs? Pharmacy Times wants to know. Send your pet peeves to We’ll add them to our ongoing published list. Share your Pet Peeves with Pharmacy Times today!

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