Pet Peeves (March 2015)

Pharmacy Times, March 2015 Central Nervous System, Volume 81, Issue 3

Read about know-it-all nurses, unhelpful product e-mails, and other pet peeves.

The Know-It-All Nurse

The “Dr.” nurse who doesn’t consult with a physician when a pharmacist calls to verify a medication or dose discrepancy.

If Only You Had Come Sooner

Patients who complain when we are out of stock, but their prescription is 3 weeks old.

No Mechanism

New product e-mail ads that don’t provide the drug’s mechanism of action.

Unnecessarily Expensive Infusions

I don’t understand why Medicare makes patients go to the hospital for immunology infusions when they could be done in an outpatient setting with infusion nurses. It costs Medicare 2 to 3 times the amount when these infusions are done in hospitals instead of outpatient suites, which are readily available. Some of these infusions could also be done at home.

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