Pet Peeves (February 2016)

Pharmacy TimesFebruary 2016 Autoimmune Disorders
Volume 82
Issue 2

Read about staring patients, inappropriate prescriptions, and other pet peeves.

When a patient stands at the counter and stares at me or other staff members while we type, count, or check the prescription. That does not make us work any faster!

Insisting on Less Effective Meds. When a physician prescribes, and insists on, the use of a generic antibiotic that is less effective.

Inappropriate Prescriptions. When antibiotics are prescribed for viral infections. Yes, this still happens.

The Misperception that a Prescription Ensures Insurance Coverage. When e-scripts are sent in for OTC medications and patients do not understand why their insurance will not pay for them.

What’s bothering you? Bossy patients, abandoned prescriptions, drive-thrus? Pharmacy Times wants to know. Send your pet peeves to We’ll add them to our ongoing published list. Share your Pet Peeves with Pharmacy Times today!

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