Pet Peeves

Pharmacy Times, September 2014 Oncology, Volume 80, Issue 9

Grills to Go.

When a patient comes to the drive-thru window and asks for a grill.

Expecting Prescriptions to Fill Themselves.

I find it amazing when a customer is waiting at the pickup window before the pharmacy opens and he expects the prescription to be ready because he left the doctor’s office an hour ago.

Distributing Coupons with Part D Drugs.

I love it when physician offices give all of their Part D patients manufacturer coupon cards even though the cards clearly prohibit use with Part D. Then I’m the bad guy when I give the patient the news.

“Emergency” Refills that Never Get Picked Up.

Don’t you just love it when patients call on a weekend night in a frenzy to say they have run out of their maintenance medication, which they can’t do without, and they want you to issue them an emergency supply? Then they never come and pick it up.