Pet Peeves

Pharmacy TimesApril 2014 Allergy & Asthma
Volume 80
Issue 4

Inconvenient Patient Pamphlets. When a patient info pamphlet is required to be dispensed with the med, but the manufacturer folds up the pamphlet inside the rest of the package insert instead of attaching it separately—or at least perforating it so it can easily be removed to give to the patient!

“Want Fries with That?” When a patient comes to the drive-thru with a new prescription (written several days before) and doesn’t understand why he/she can’t wait for it. I just want to tell them this isn’t McDonald’s, and we don’t serve fries with their prescription.

Unidentifiable Rxs. When you get a prescription from an out-of-the-area physician or university medical center with an unintelligible signature and no licensure numbers on the Rx. Yeah, just try to track them down.

Loquacious Customers. Customers who say they have a “quick question” and then ramble on for 20 minutes.

Overreliance on e-Rxs. Physicians who prescribe liquid antibiotics via electronic prescriptions and write for doses of 7.2 mL or 4.6 mL instead of doing a reality check and rounding to the closest appropriate dose.

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