Patient Access Network (PAN) and CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy Work Together to Help Patients Access Financial Support

The staff at all CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy locations are being trained to use PAN's Specialty Pharmacy Portal to help patients quickly access financial support to cover medication costs that may not be covered by insurance.

Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation and CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy share the goal of improving patient access to important specialty medications. In support of this goal, the staff at all CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy locations (also known as CVS Caremark CarePlus™ pharmacies) are being trained to use PAN’s Specialty Pharmacy Portal, to help patients quickly access financial support to help them cover those medication costs that may not be covered by insurance.

“Specialty pharmacies such as CVS Caremark CarePlus pharmacies serve as a vital link between PAN and patients who need financial assistance in order to afford copayments, coinsurance and deductibles associated with their life-saving medications,” said Patrick McKercher, PAN president. “This partnership expands PAN’s ability to assist even more patients with their cost sharing needs.”

By utilizing the PAN Specialty Pharmacy Portal, CVS Caremark CarePlus™ pharmacists and staff can submit online patient enrollment forms to PAN; access approval letters and view individual patient accounts; review claims and payment status; and use secure messaging to communicate with PAN case managers.

“The training and partnering effort helps speed therapy to where it is needed most,” McKercher added. “PAN’s quick turnaround time along with the expertise of trained pharmacists who know their patients, will mean excellent adherence results for patients who would otherwise be unable to access their medications.”

Other benefits include:

• Improved access to medications — now, more pharmacists nationwide will know how to access PAN, meaning more people will have access to life-saving medications with PAN’s financial assistance.

• CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy has broad reach across the US — with more than 30 CarePlus™ stores in 20 states – and has built trusted relationships with patients who can now have easier access to PAN financial assistance.

About PAN

PAN’s 40+ disease funds cover conditions such as multiple myeloma, metastatic breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer and hepatitis C. PAN provides grants of $500 to $10,000 per year to income-qualified, underinsured patients to help pay for medications for these diseases that insurance may not fully cover. Since 2004, PAN has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance for out-of-pocket expenses to hundreds of thousands of patients. For more information, visit

About CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacies and CarePlus

CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacies, called CarePlus™, go beyond dispensing medications. They help patients face the challenges of living with chronic or complex conditions. CVS Caremark and CarePlus pharmacies are committed to helping patients make better decisions about their health care by providing condition-specific education and support, and instructions on how to take medications correctly and safely. As one of the leading and most experienced providers of specialty pharmacy services, CVS Caremark understands the complexities of injectable, infused and select oral medications. For more information, visit