OTC Product News (November 2015)

Pharmacy TimesNovember 2015 Cough, Cold, & Flu
Volume 81
Issue 11

Read about the new OTC Products featured in November.

Oxy Bump

Oxy Bump Sore Throat Spray is a plant and mineral-based saline sore throat spray intended to clear mucus, alleviate loss of voice, and help soothe burning and hoarse throats. The product is nonaddictive and homeopathic, and the 30-mL bottle contains 240 sprays. Before use, it should be shaken well, the safety collar removed, and the pump depressed until primed. Three to 4 sprays should be applied to the back of the throat twice per day or as often as needed. Children younger than 12 years should use 2 to 3 sprays twice per day.

For More Information: oxybump.com

Vicks SmartTempMarketed by: Procter & Gamble

Vicks SmartTemp is a smartphone-connected thermometer that tracks a user’s body temperature and sends data via Bluetooth to a companion iOS or Android smartphone. The product has a flexible tip so that it may be used for oral, underarm, or rectal readings. The app also features insight guidance that turns the screen green, yellow, or red, indicating no fever, moderate fever, or high fever, respectively.

For More Information: vicks.com

TUFHANDS Natural Hand Repair CreamMarketed by: TUFMED

TUFMED TUFHANDS Natural Hand Repair Cream is intended for athletes to use on damaged hands that have suffered from rips, blisters, tears, cuts, or scrapes during training or competition. The ingredients include Arnica, methylsulfonylmethane, safflower oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, cayenne, comfrey, almond oil, and amino acids. The cream should be applied to the affected area immediately after an injury or before bed as a hand conditioner at least 3 times a day until the affected area has improved to satisfaction.

For More Information: tufmed.com

Cold-EEZE Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu LozengesMarketed by: ProPhase Labs

ProPhase Labs, maker of Cold-EEZE, has launched its new Cold-EEZE Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu Lozenges. The lozenges are formulated with zinc gluconate, the same effective active ingredient found in the best-selling, clinically proven, and No.1 pharmacist-recommended original Cold-EEZE lozenges. The new lozenges also help to relieve cold and flu symptoms, including cough, congestion, and sore throat. Each package contains 12 lozenges in a natural mixed-berry flavor.

For More Information: ColdEEZE.com

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