OTC Product News (May 2018)

Pharmacy TimesMay 2018 Skin & Eye Health
Volume 84
Issue 5

Read about the OTC products featured in May.

Life Extension Life Extension has added Florassist Nasal to its probiotic product line. Florassist Nasal helps balance the body’s immune response to seasonal changes so that airways, eyes, and skin, stay comfortable all day. The product includes the branded ingredient Epicor, an extract of Saccharomyces cerevisiae or brewer’s yeast.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: lifeextension.com

HIGH OMEGA-3 CHEWMARKETED BY: Anlit Ltd Anlit Ltd has launched the High Omega-3 Chew supplement to benefit women during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The fish-shaped, single-serving bite contains a high concentration of DHA, as well as EPA, for a total of 150 mg omega-3 fatty acids.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: anlit4kids.com

COPPERGELMARKETED BY: Tyson Ranch Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson’s Tyson Ranch venture has launched its first product, CopperGel, a pain relief remedy. CopperGel treats arthritis and joint and muscle pain and is a FDA-registered OTC medication. The pain relief contains natural antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties.


TOTAL ENERGYMARKETED BY: Azoth LLC Neutraceutical company Azoth LLC has introduced Total Energy, a dietary supplement created to counteract worker fatigue and increase productivity without the unwanted after affects experienced with other energy products. Total Energy combines ingredients in coffee, dark chocolate, raw coconuts, and tea.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: seekingazoth.com

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