OTC Product News (February 2018)

Pharmacy TimesFebruary 2018 Infectious Disease
Volume 84
Issue 2

OTC product news featured in the February 2018 issue of Pharmacy Times.

FLUTICAREMARKETED BY: Innovus Pharmaceuticals Innovus Pharmaceuticals has launched FlutiCare OTC in the United States. FlutiCare contains the most prescribed nasal steroid active pharmaceutical ingredient and form for nasal allergy relief over the past 7 years. FlutiCare will be available with the same prescription strength and delivery method as Flonase and ClariSpray.

TETRACUMIN-SR AND TETRACUMIN-QRMARKETED BY: Natural Partners, Inc TetraCumin-SR (sustained release) and TetraCumin-QR (quick release) are formulated using the proprietary CyLoc and DexKey delivery science. These products contain the bioactive curcumin metabolite Tetrahydrocurcumin, the form of curcumin that the body is best able to absorb.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: naturalpartners.com

VISION DEFENSEMARKETED BY: Swanson Health Swanson Health has launched Vision Defense, a supplement to protect the eyes against the harmful effects of digital device blue light. The main ingredient, Lutemax 2020, is a naturally derived marigold extract that provides important macular carotenoids—lutein and zeaxanthin—to support optimal eye health.


BIOHM Health BIOHM Health has launched BIOHM Super Greens, combining BIOHM’s probiotic technology with nutritious greens to provide an all-in-one smoothie or drink supplement. BIOHM’s product is enteric coated to ensure that the beneficial bacteria and fungi strains survive through to the digestive tract.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: biohmhealth.com

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