Optimizing Medication Efficiency with Prefilled Syringes


Experts explore the cost-saving benefits of single-dose prefilled syringes over vials—reducing waste, improving workflow, and enhancing patient care.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a Practice Pearls featuring Ryan Haumschild, PharmD, MS, MBA, CPEL; Megan Mitchell, PharmD, MS; Stephanie Abel, PharmD, BCPS; and Jennifer Grate, CPhT.

Haumschild and Grate explore the advantages of single-dose prefilled syringes over multidose vials, emphasizing cost savings, waste reduction, and workflow optimization. Grate highlights that prefilled syringes, with smaller doses than vials, minimize overfill concerns, eliminating the need for monitoring and accounting. She discusses the reduction in diversion risks associated with overfill waste, as prefilled syringes provide accurate dosing without leftover medication. Additionally, the availability of various concentrations and doses in prefilled syringes allows for formulary flexibility, reducing overall costs and diversion risks. Grate emphasizes that the labor involved in wasting medication, witnessing waste, and utilizing controlled substance destruction bins is significantly reduced with prefilled syringes. The streamlined workflow and real-time, accurate dosing contribute to better resource utilization and cost savings. Haumschild acknowledges the impact on nursing time and overall health care costs, aligning with the broader goal of efficient medication management.

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