OptiMed Pharmacy Extends Beyond Individualized Patient Care

Specialty Pharmacy TimesJanuary/February 2016
Volume 7
Issue 1

OptiMed takes a value-driven approach to specialty patient management.

IN AN ERA OF ESCALATING HEALTH CARE COSTS AND INCREASING DRUG COMPLEXITIES, OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy aims to help patients, providers, and stakeholders navigate the intricacies of specialty medication therapy, while keeping patient outcomes at the forefront.

OptiMed is able to deliver exceptional patient care services backed by a strong clinical foundation and a commitment to quality throughout the entire organization, as demonstrated by their dual accreditations from URAC and ACHC. OptiMed takes a value-driven approach to specialty patient management.

With an increasing national presence, OptiMed is well-poised to leave a positive footprint on the specialty pharmacy market.

“In general, most specialty pharmacies are able to offer similar services. It’s our commitment to excellence and the level of consistency and detail we provide that differentiates the care we deliver,” said Andrew Reeves, RPh, founder and CEO of OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy. “We strive to be nimble which allows us to tailor our programs in order to meet the evolving needs of our customer base, which includes patients, providers, and payers.”

OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy’s patient management programs include a constellation of services that can be completely customized depending on the needs of the individual patient. Services such as medication and disease state education, real-time outcomes tracking, 24/7 access to clinical pharmacists, proactive refill management, and adherence reinforcement keep patients actively engaged in their treatment.

OptiMed’s Patient Care Advocates are readily available to help improve patient access by reducing the financial burden of specialty therapy through copay assistance, grant and foundation funding, and other patient assistance programs.

By putting the needs of the patient first, OptiMed aims to leverage positive patient relationships in a way that motivates patients to be vested in their own health outcomes. Part of OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy’s mission is to capitalize on partnerships with payers in order to heighten value and reduce health care expenditures.

“We maintain a very transparent relationship with our partners,” Reeves said. “This allows us to clearly demonstrate how our organization maximizes value, reduces redundancies, and achieves mutual goals.”

OptiMed continually analyzes and trends data from patient and payer programs in order to maintain an outcome- and value-driven focus to deliver superior results. By coupling evidence-based medicine with engaged patient care coordination, OptiMed can ensure proper drug utilization throughout the entire patient care process.

“We feel that it is undeniably our responsibility to be good stewards of health care resources, and we are committed to ensuring that all the services we provide add value to the system,” Reeves said.

Collaboration with pharmaceutical manufacturers is paramount in the specialty industry, therefore OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy offers robust metrics and customizable reporting for pharma partners. Additionally, with a strong clinical backbone and the ability to track real-world patient outcomes, OptiMed is able to ensure the safe and appropriate use of drug therapies.

This is particularly important when managing patients enrolled in manufacturer patient assistance programs.

“Manufacturers spend a lot of money to provide product. OptiMed ensures patient outcomes are managed and all parties — patients, providers, and manufacturers – get a high-quality experience.”

OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy’s vision involves the delivery of innovative and personalized patient care that provides superior value to all stakeholders. The organization acknowledges that this means being flexible, inventive, and resourceful.

“We are not satisfied with being stagnant,” Reeves said. “The health care industry is certainly not stagnant, and we are constantly evolving as we strive to be a leader in the industry.” SPT

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