Opportunities Exist for Independent Pharmacists in Veterinary Compounding

In this clip, Jim Springer and Chris Cella, RPh, of McKesson Corporation discuss the opportunities for pharmacists in the veterinary field.


Chris Cella, RpH: So veterinary medicine, or veterinary compounding, is a focus now for independent pharmacy owners. One of the things I always talk about when I recommend or talk to independent pharmacy owners, or potential owners, is that it's got to be specific to the market. You have to see if there's a need. Are there veterinarians in the area? Have you talked to them? Is there a need for compounding prescriptions in that market? Then branch out into them, then look to pursue that field down the road.

Jim Springer: It's really kind of interesting, because I heard a statistic not too long ago about the Atlanta market, for example, where they indicated around 83% of households had pets, 83% of them, and the majority of them are dogs and cats. So, is there a need? You bet there is. There are retailers specifically out there that are doing this. Why not if you're an independent retailer? In your marketplace if there's nobody out there doing this, I think it really is a tremendous opportunity for you.

Chris Cella, RpH: Jim, also, one of the things you need to think about, it's not just veterinary compounding for household pets. If you're by a farm, there's also horses, and pigs, and other animals that people really need prescriptoins for, and they need to become useful and again build off that niche.