New Medicare Part D Rule, DIR Fees Highlight SPT Week in Review


Top news of the week from Specialty Pharmacy Times.

5. Mylan Introduces New Triple Combo Once-Daily HIV Treatment

Mylan recently announced the introduction of its FDA-approved triple combination once-daily HIV treatment, efavirenz, lamivudine, and tenofovir disoproxol fumarate (Symfi), in the United States. Read more.

4. Ultrasound Technology Could Enhance Cancer Drug Therapies

A new technology called acoustic cluster therapy may make ultrasound useful in cancer treatment. Read more.

3. CAR T-Cell Therapies, Biosimilars May Accelerate Push Towards Alternative Payment Models

As innovative, costly products emerge, such as CAR T-cell therapies and biosimilars, payers may be more likely to make the move towards alternative payment models. Read more.

2. Study: Striking Differences in Billing Complexity Across Health Insurers

Billing complexity among US health insurers varies significantly, with surprising results in the level of complexity among some insurers. Read more.

1. Point-of-Sale DIR Fees Addressed in New Medicare Part D Rule

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a final 2019 Medicare Part D rule on Monday addressing direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees. Read more.

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