New HIV Research Tops SPT Week in Review

Top news of the week from Specialty Pharmacy Times.

5. Novel Therapeutic Approach Modifies Myeloid Cells to Stop Cancer Growth

Study suggests a new therapy could stop tumor growth by affecting myeloid cell behavior. Read more.

4. US Health Spending Remains Highest Among Developed Countries, Prices to Blame

Study shows the United States spends more on health care on a per capita basis than other developed countries, mostly due to higher prices. Read more.

3. The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Specialty Pharmacy

The world is rapidly moving towards the adoption and seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI), including machine learning as a subset of AI, throughout our daily lives. Read more.

2. Elimination of ACA Mandate Penalty Could Reduce Coverage, Increase Premiums

A survey of California 2017 enrollees estimates how drops in enrollment may affect premium increases. Read more.

1. Study Identifies Viral Decision-Making Factors in Latent HIV Reservoirs

Controlling the viral reaction of cells latently infected with HIV may have implications for future drug treatments. Read more.

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