New Direction in Chronic Inflammation Treatment Development


Research demonstrates a new direction in cell signaling and treatment for chronic inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, asthma, and HIV.

Researchers at Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University in Denmark have found a new way to treat inflammation involved in chronic diseases such as psoriasis, asthma, and HIV, including a group of cytokines in the immune system.

The IL-1 family has been shown to play an important role in many of these disease by regulating the body’s immune responses. In many diseases, including asthma, multiple cytokines contribute to disease pathogenesis.

Although cytokines, including IL-1 (-β), are known for playing an important role in diseases, previous research has only focused on blocking a single cytokine or signaling pathway at a time. Because many diseases are driven by more than 1 cytokine, the researchers were interested in determining whether signaling pathways for the IL-1 family could be blocked simultaneously. The study authors aimed to find a broader anti-inflammatory treatment affecting several important cytokines at the same time.

Their research centered on the IL-1R3 receptor, which is involved in the signaling of 6 different inflammatory cytokines in the IL-1 family, and whether it could be a target in treating chronic inflammatory disease. Using an antibody to block the effect of IL-1R3, the researchers were able to investigate the effects in both studies on cells.

Moreover, the researchers were able to study the consequences in blocking this receptor on the immune system, as well as study the effect of blocking IL-1R3 in either gout, acute allergic inflammation, or psoriasis.

According to the study, the experiment demonstrated efficiency in blocking the receptor and in reducing disease manifestation. The result is a new and effective approach to blocking IL-1 family-driven inflammation and a new direction in treatment for chronic inflammatory conditions driven by the IL-1 family, the researchers concluded.


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