New Company Offers Discounts on Prescription Drugs Up to 95%


Blink Health provides discounts for branded and generic drugs.

To combat rising drug costs, a new company, Blink Health, claims to offer a discount of up to 95% on more than 15,000 medications.

Blink offers customers discounted drug prices, since they negotiate with drug manufacturers directly and do not go through other companies, according to the company. They mainly offer generics, but also offer discounted branded drugs if a generic option is not available. But, they do not offer specialty drugs.

The process itself is relatively simple. Customers create a free online account and provide Blink with a payment method. They can then search for their prescribed medication in the database and pay online.

Blink Health then prompts the customer to print a Blink Card, which is needed to pick up the prescription. They also text it to the customer so it is available on the go.

This process will not affect the prescribing process, since the physician will send the prescription in as normal. The only difference is that Blink will be processed as the primary payer, according to their web site.

It can be used for new prescriptions, as well as refills; however, it must always be used with a prescription. Customers on their web site have saved quite a bit of money.

A Medicare beneficiary states that they were paying $65 per month for their prescription, but only pay $6.97 through Blink. This resource can be used if a customer is uninsured, or can be used instead of insurance.

Most pharmacies take the Blink Card, including Walgreens, Target, CVS, and more. Tools like this and other similar tools assist customers who struggle to pay for the increasing costs of health care.

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