New Behavioral Therapy Can Help Improve Insomnia


Not only did cognitive behavioral therapy help insomnia, it also improved symptoms of depression and anxiety.

A new insomnia treatment shows promise in providing relief to those suffering from sleeplessness, according to a recent study published in Sleep Medicine.

Those suffering from insomnia are often trapped in a cycle of daytime fatigue, poor health outcomes, depression, anxiety, and stress. Treatment can help to greatly improve the lives of those suffering from the condition.

The study included more than 450 patients living with insomnia in Australia. Patients received targeted cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTi). Investigators examined not only how CBTi affected insomnia, but also depression, anxiety, and stress.

According to the study, participants who received CBTi showed moderate-to-large improvements to their symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Additionally, symptoms of insomnia improved in similar amounts in patients with depression and those without.

"With COVID-19 and many other stressors in life, treating the worst effects of insomnia may have a transformative effect on a person's wellbeing, mental health and lifestyle," said lead researcher Alexander Sweetman, PhD, from Flinders University's Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health in the press release.

Currently, investigators are working on rolling out an evidence-backed insomnia CBT program for general practitioners to use with their patients. CBTi has the potential to help reduce the use of sedative hypnotic medication over time, according to the study authors.


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