National Experts Discuss How Genetics are Advancing Cancer Care 2023 – ION Exchange Event


FCS president and managing physician Lucio Gordan, MD, is a featured speaker at nationwide oncology event to discuss how genetics are advancing cancer care.

Fort Myers, Fla., Date, 2023 – Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS) President & Managing Physician Lucio Gordan, MD is among the national experts and physician leaders at the ION Exchange 2023 this week in San Diego who will share the latest clinical, operational and business insights to advance the quality of cancer care in community settings.

Dr. Gordan will participate in a keynote session with noted medical oncologist, biologist, Rhodes scholar and Pulitzer Prize winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD. They will discuss breakthrough clinical developments in oncology resulting from ongoing discoveries in the understanding of genomics and the important role community-based providers will continue to play in the delivery of high-quality cancer care.

Image Credit: Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC

Image Credit: Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC

Dr. Gordan said, “Breakthroughs in the science of genetics are transforming our ability to deliver truly personalized cancer care. Dr. Mukherjee offers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to furthering our understanding of the cancer biology and how future discoveries will continue to evolve the role of genetics leading to transformative innovations in oncology care.”

The FCS centralized pathology laboratory is equipped with next-generation sequencing testing capabilities to support physicians throughout the statewide practice’s nearly 100 community oncology locations. “This genomic mapping provides a depth of information that delivers enormous benefits to our physicians and our patients,” continues Dr. Gordan. “When oncologists know the specific genetic alteration, we are better equipped to identify specific targeted treatments that provide the best options for the most positive outcome.”

During the discussion, Dr. Gordan and Dr. Mukherjee will also address disparities in oncology care and how providers, policy makers and new technologies are all contributors to improving patient outcomes.

Exchange 2023 is an event series hosted by ION Oncology Practice Network, a part of AmerisourceBergen and the largest physician service organization and group purchasing organization (GPO) specializing in the support of community oncology nationwide.

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