NASP Announces Support for #APharmacistIs Campaign


Specialty pharmacists play a critical role in patient care.

Last week, Specialty Pharmacy Times and Pharmacy Times announced the launch of a new campaign to increase awareness about the work pharmacists do to improve the lives of patients.

During the #APharmacistIs campaign, pharmacists are asked to send in photos of themselves doing something they love—whether it’s running, painting, or something in between—and videos explaining what “a pharmacist is” to them. The campaign seeks to show that pharmacists are more than someone who stands behind a counter and dispenses pills.

The photos or videos can be submitted on social media using #APharmacistIs or directly via email to

Pharmacists will be able to show a different side of themselves they may not be able to convey on a daily basis. The goal is to educate patients and other health care professionals about the significant value pharmacists bring to the industry.

Within 24 hours of launching the campaign, the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) sent an email blast to their members issuing support for the campaign and asking for members to participate.

Specialty pharmacists must work effectively with patients, providers, payers, and pharmacy benefit managers to ensure that the right medications are going to the right patients.

Specialty pharmacists also play a crucial role in caring for patients with serious, complex diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and HIV. These medication experts need to keep abreast on the latest clinical information and new drug approvals, while also providing supportive care for patients.

During the NASP Annual Meeting and Educational Conference this past September, the SPT team took photos and videos of NASP leaders to be featured in the campaign.

“Specialty pharmacists play a critical role in patient care, going beyond dispensing medication by working to educate patients, caregivers, and other health care professionals as they navigate complex, life-altering and life-threatening diseases, as well as our complicated health care system,” Sheila Arquette, RPh, executive director, NASP, told SPT. “We’re excited to participate in the Specialty Pharmacy Times and Pharmacy Times campaign to recognize specialty pharmacists, who serve as trusted medication experts, insurance navigators, education enthusiasts, and more. We encourage all NASP members, as well as health care providers across the continuum of care, to join our efforts to boost awareness and celebrate the specialty pharmacy profession.”

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