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The video True Pharmacist," inspired by the HBO TV series True Detective," manages to put both a humorous and serious spin on the profession of pharmacy.

The video “True Pharmacist,” inspired by the HBO TV series “True Detective,” manages to put both a humorous and serious spin on the profession of pharmacy.

Produced by the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists chapter at Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, the short film was created for the 2015 PharmFlix Video Contest, whose theme was “What’s Your Why.”

“[T]here was a eureka moment where I realized how well ‘True Detective’ could serve as our source material, and that was the idea I wanted to run with,” said Andrew Ruplin, who portrays Matthew McConaughey’s character Rust Cohle, told Pharmacy Careers. “The core theme is that, while a bit wacky, Rust was a devoted and insanely good detective. We wanted to mirror that with pharmacy in our own video.”

Fans of “True Detective” will recognize the familiar settings and costumes in this video immediately, such as the interrogation room where the main character, Rust, delivers stunning monologues.

The Drake video also playfully adapts the screenplay to be relevant to pharmacists.

In the TV series, Rust says, “I’d consider myself a realist, all right? But in philosophical terms, I’m what’s called a pessimist.”

In the students’ video, the character playing Rust says, “I’m a pharmacist, but in practical terms, I’m a provider.”

The video’s response to the “What’s Your Why” theme portrayed the important role pharmacists play as advocates for their patients’ health.

“Patient care is a flat circle,” the character playing Rust says in the video. “Patients come to us sick every day. They leave and return with the same ailments. Errors missed in their treatment will be missed again and again and again. Unless someone steps in.”

“True Pharmacist” was filmed and edited by Nhut Nguyen, with music recorded and composed by Matt Van. Rust Cohle was played by Andrew Ruplin, Marty Hart was played by Van, the interviewer was played by Zach Wright, and the patient was played by Danielle McKay.

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