Medical ID Product Gets Wider Distribution in Retail Pharmacy

Beginning this month, American Medical ID—a form of identification in which a patient’s medical information and vital facts are engraved on a bracelet or necklace worn by the patient—will now be available in CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and other retail pharmacies. The product is being distributed more widely to help meet the growing needs of medical ID wearers across the nation.

The CDC, the Mayo Clinic, and the National Institutes of Health have all issued statements supporting the use of medical ID bracelets or necklaces in a number of patient populations, including children who experience severe allergic reactions, individuals with diabetes, and those taking heart medications.

Using the American Medical ID can ensure appropriate and timely medical care and promote patients safety by alerting emergency care providers with essential information. The product will now be available in more than 15,000 retail pharmacies nationwide.

“It is wonderful to be working with these leading retail pharmacies who have a strong commitment to helping their customers stay healthy. They understand the importance and need for medical IDs and strive to make these life saving tools more accessible for their customers,” American Medical ID President and CEO Rick Russell.

The medical IDs are available in different styles of bracelets, necklaces, and sport bands made with in gold, gold‐filled, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium and nylon. Each ID is custom fitted and personalized with engraving. Candidates for a medical ID include anyone living with diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, stroke risk or memory impairment; persons with allergies such as food, drug or insect; and those taking multiple medications or blood thinners. For more information about American Medical ID, visit