McKesson Launches PATH Pro Post-Acute Therapeutics Formulary Management Program for LTC Pharmacies


McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacy has announced the launch of the PATH Pro Post-Acute Therapeutics Formulary Management Program for long-term care (LTC) pharmacies.




)--McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacyâ„  announced the launch of the PATH Pro™ Post-Acute Therapeutics Formulary Management Program for long-term care (LTC) pharmacies. PATH Pro™ offers easily accessible, third-party-reviewed clinical information that designates which of the most commonly dispensed generic drugs in the LTC setting are preferred and non-preferred for geriatric patients to help reduce drug-related hospital readmissions and minimize adverse events, reactions and complications.

PATH Pro™ is designed to offer independent LTC pharmacies credible clinical expertise and guidance to become smarter, more strategic partners to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) while maximizing clinical outcomes by ensuring that the best generic drugs possible are prescribed to geriatric patients. McKesson worked with Creighton University Center for Drug Information and Evidence Based Practice, a nationally recognized drug information service, to determine which of the most commonly prescribed generic drugs are preferred and which are non-preferred for geriatrics. Creighton conducted extensive clinical research utilizing established industry lists, standards and other recognized sources, as well as its own drug information expertise, to determine preferred designations. Key features include:

  • Preferred drug list — Over 250 generic drugs across nearly 23 therapeutic classes, in three formats, customizable with pharmacy contact information. The data will be updated regularly as new generic drugs are released and as updates to a drug’s preferred/non-preferred status occur. The list will continue to expand to other therapeutic classes and disease states.
  • Preferred/non-preferred indication for geriatric patients — Easily identify the right drugs for this patient population on the drug list and within the ordering function in McKesson Connect, McKesson’s online ordering system.
  • Drug monographs — For every generic drug reviewed, Creighton has created individual drug monographs with references to support the preferred/non-preferred designation.

“On average, geriatric patients take 12 prescription medications — 9 generics and 3 brand. While seniors only make up about 15% of the U.S. population, they use about 40% of prescription medications. Despite this, there have not been any comprehensive tools to help independent pharmacists make clinically sound decisions about which drugs are preferable for maximizing clinical outcomes in geriatric patients,” said Rich McKeon, MBA, vice president, McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacy. “McKesson’s long-term care pharmacy customers can use the preferred drug lists and corresponding drug monographs to standardize dispensing across their consultant pharmacists and the facilities they service, and inform their SNF customers of which generic drugs are preferred for geriatric patients to help increase clinical outcomes, decrease adverse events, and ultimately, help reduce readmissions.”

In addition to the clinical benefits, PATH Pro™ helps independent pharmacists attract and retain patients. According to Mark Prifogle, HFA, LNHA, FACHCA, chief executive officer and group president of GrandView Health Services, “McKesson’s PATH Pro™ allows independent LTC pharmacies to compete … with an evidence-based, value-driven formulary, which is essential for customer retention and new business development. Having a reputable partner like Creighton University conduct the necessary research to keep this document relevant is invaluable. PATH Pro™ is the difference between getting and keeping business or losing business.”

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