Man Threatens Pharmacist with Shotgun for Oxycodone


A man in Wisconsin is awaiting sentencing after a court found him guilty of committing an armed robbery in a pharmacy, FOX6Now reported.

A man in Wisconsin is awaiting sentencing after a court found him guilty of committing an armed robbery in a pharmacy, FOX6Now reported.

Scott Wimer, 43, was accused of entering a pharmacy in New Berlin, Wisconsin, and threatening 1 of the pharmacists with a shotgun while demanding that his prescription be filled.

Wimer entered the pharmacy around 4 p.m. on July 9, 2014, and placed his driver’s license and a prescription on the pharmacy counter, FOX6Now reported. Pharmacist Robert Steib refused to fill it, citing that the prescription was not legitimate. Steib told police that the prescription for 21 oxycodone pills had an expired Drug Enforcement Administration number, plus Wimer’s state insurance coverage did not cover its cost.

Police said Steib had to tell Wimer several times that he was not going to fill the prescription until Wimer left. However, Wimer returned shortly after with a shotgun and told him, “You are going to fill my prescription now,” while waving the barrel of the gun above Steib’s head, according to police.

Steib began processing the prescription and also hit the alarm button. He told Wimer that his insurance wouldn’t cover the prescription, so Wimer owed $33.25. Wimer only had $26, but the pharmacist accepted the payment.

During the incident, Steib also tried to use a Taser on Wimer when he looked away, but nothing happened when Steib pulled the trigger.

Wimer grabbed his prescription and told Steib to take his gun, which he admitted was not loaded, police said. Later, Wimer would tell police that he brought the gun to scare the pharmacist.

With police surrounding the pharmacy, Wimer eventually surrendered, and officers entered to find Wimer smelling of alcohol and appearing under the influence of drugs, according to the FOX6Now report. Wimer told police that he wanted to die instead of going to jail and that he had taken 21 oxycodone pills to try to kill himself.

At the hospital, Wimer told hospital staff that he was suicidal because he was homeless, didn’t have a job, and his wife had cancer. He had also hurt himself on the job and had been prescribed Vicodin and oxycodone. He also admitted to police that he was addicted to pain medications, according to the FOX6 report.

In court, Wimer entered an Alford guilty plea, which means that he maintains his innocence but believes that the jury would find him guilty considering the evidence.

The court did find Wimer guilty, and an investigation into his history will be undertaken to see if extenuating circumstances should lessen or harshen his sentence. His sentencing hearing will take place on March 12, 2015, according to FOX6Now.

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