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Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals started formulating and supplying industry-leading pharmaceutical products more than 145 years ago. Continually building on its legacy, the company employs a vertically integrated process to ensure quality control during every step of the product’s development from active ingredient processing through formulation, manufacturing, and distribution. It is one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to being a leader in generic pharmaceuticals.

Global Leader

Mallinckrodt Specialty Generics offers a comprehensive product portfolio with an industry-leading expertise in pain management. We are the largest US supplier of opioid pain medications and among the top 10 generic pharmaceuticals manufacturers in the US, based on prescriptions (source: IMS Health, Dataview, March 2012). Mallinckrodt is also one of the world’s leading producers of bulk acetaminophen.

145 Years of Tradition and Growing

Mallinckrodt recently launched several new generic products to the market, continuing the history of expert manufacturing and product development that started when the Mallinckrodt brothers formed the first chemical manufacturing company west of the Mississippi.

The Specialty Generics business developed as a natural extension of the company’s acetaminophen raw materials business. Many of the generic products use the sifted acetaminophen produced by Mallinckrodt’s Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) business, which allows us to ensure a reliable source and quality of supply. Mallinckrodt saw potential in the generics business and decided to pursue manufacturing its own tablets. In 1996, the company purchased Graham Labs in Hobart, NY, to add specialty generics to its portfolio of businesses.

Investing in the Future

The same goal of providing high-quality, innovative products that began 145 years ago with the Mallinckrodt brothers continues today.

“Our company believes in the original values that built Mallinckrodt so many years ago—quality, service, and integrity,” said Mark Trudeau, president and chief executive officer, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. “Recently launched as a standalone company, we’re building on our tradition by investing in our core strengths of manufacturing and development. We’re committed to meeting customer needs for today while also creating a long-term growth strategy that will continue our tradition for many more generations.”

Specialty Generics is investing in several infrastructure and capacity improvements to consistently deliver the high-quality products customers need. Expansion of the high-volume manufacturing facility in Hobart, NY, will increase production of generic pharmaceuticals, and new packaging lines will improve product output. Investments also are being made within Mallinckrodt’s API business to increase capacity and reliability of raw materials for generic pharmaceuticals. These investments throughout the Mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals business will ensure a quality product is available to customers for years to come.

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