Introducing Specialty Pharmacy Times: Seizing the Moment

Specialty Pharmacy TimesOctober 2010
Volume 1
Issue 1

This new journal embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of specialty pharmacy.

Dan Steiber, RPh

Pharmacy Times has a long history of being the leading-edge publication, designed to enhance both the business and the profession of pharmacy. The most dynamic elements in pharmacy today are specialty pharmaceuticals and the professional support necessary to assure optimal outcomes for patients who are treated with these products.

As the literary trendsetter, Pharmacy Times is pleased to announce a unique stand-alone publication—Specialty Pharmacy Times (SPT). SPT will be focused on the many key areas surrounding specialty pharmaceuticals and the enhanced practice needs of pharmacists and other key ancillary personnel.

Specialty Pharmacy Times’ content will be directed in all of the key areas necessary for its readers to stay abreast of the practice of specialty pharmacy. Future articles will focus on the actions practitioners must undertake to succeed in this business, including product selection, infrastructure, staffing, pharmacy design, reimbursement, customer service and order management, and marketing and sales, and will also include several clinical programs. To maximize their opportunities, pharmacists and other ancillary professionals must become proactive—and seize the moment— to find new methods to thrive in this dynamic marketplace.

We also recognize that the payer community (ie, managed care organizations and employers), specialty pharmaceuticals manufacturers, government, allied health care professionals, and community pharmacy all play a key role in the future, and therefore our content will include these key topics. SPT will provide insights from the leaders of specialty pharmacy practice and experts in policy, regulatory and law, academia, information systems, and business. Our writers will come from all areas of practice, including administration, law, management, nursing, and importantly, from pharmacists who interact with patients on a daily basis.

The history of specialty pharmacy began with a grass roots effort of community pharmacy, recognizing that many patients with emerging therapies had unique therapy needs. That entrepreneurial spirit has continued to thrive and specialty practice has grown exponentially.

We will provide new concepts and deliverables to assist those professionals who are interested in expanding their practice within the specialty pharmacy segment. Specialty Pharmacy Times will embrace that entrepreneurial spirit and provide its readers with a unique new platform to take their knowledge to the next level. We thank you for your interest and look forward to your feedback as we strive to set new standards in professional practice.

Daniel Steiber, RPh

Editor-in-Chief, Specialty Pharmacy Times

About the Editor-in-Chief, Specialty Pharmacy Times

Dan Steiber, RPh, is a Principal of D2 Pharma Consulting LLC (www. and is responsible for commercial operations, tradesupply chain strategy development including 3PL selection, regulatory oversight, and “operationalizing” organizations. Dan has served in several senior positions in pharmacy, distribution, and industry over the course of his 35-year career. He is a licensed pharmacist in California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. He is also affiliated with several professional associations and publications and is a frequent speaker on behalf of many professional organizations. He graduated from Washington State University College of Pharmacy and participated in a variety of postgraduate programs in law and business development/ marketing at Harvard University and Northwestern University. Dan currently resides in Plano, Texas, with his wife and 2 sons.

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