Independent Corner: About Green Valley Pharmacy: The Providers

Walter Wong, PharmD, owner of Green Valley Pharmacy in Rancho Cucamongo, CA speaks to Pharmacy Times about how his pharmacy's services help providers.

Walter Wong, PharmD: Our system is set up to synchronize all medications to be filled and requested at the same time, which means that all the requests are sent to the doctor’s office for 1 patient at the same time, to be approved at the same time. [That] saves time.

The second set of services we provide is—with the providers' approval—we can refill, and also switch medications within the same class without having to call them or notify them until after the fact. So, this helps the provider by reducing their phone calls and having better coverage for the patients, for their medications, without having [providers] spend more time on the phone with the insurance or with us. In doing that, hopefully we can reduce their workload, and let them have a better quality of life.

The last thing we do for the providers is that we have good relationships that we have built with [their] offices, and we have a short hold time on the phone. So they don’t hesitate to call us if they need any help or need any sort of information from us.

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