The Staff at Green Valley Pharmacy


Walter Wong, PharmD, owner of Green Valley Pharmacy in Rancho Cucamongo, CA speaks to Pharmacy Times about how his employees and why their wellbeing matters.

Walter Wong, PharmD: The second group of people that we really care to have a quality of life is our staff. First, we need to find out what’s meaningful to them. We look for people who believe [that] what they do here matters, and are motivated to work towards that goal. The wellbeing of our staff is crucial, because it means higher productivity, it means employee loyalty, and an upbeat working environment. No one wants to go to work in a low energy place, where everyone dreads coming in to do their job. If you’re working here, you’re working with me to bring some good to the community, not working for me. I don’t want you to waste your life away doing what you do. To me, that’s a form of torture.

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