Implications of Study Results Investigating Treatment of Carcinoid Crisis Without Perioperative Octreotide


Rodney Pommier, MD, FACS, professor of surgery, Oregon Health & Science University, discusses what the study results demonstrated regarding treating carcinoid crisis without perioperative octreotide for patients with neuroendocrine tumors.

Pharmacy Times interviewed Rodney Pommier, MD, FACS, professor of surgery, division of surgical oncology, school of medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, on his presentation at the 2021 NANETS Multidisciplinary Neuroendocrine Tumors Medical Virtual Symposium discussing a prospective study of carcinoid crisis with no perioperative octreotide.

During the interview, Pommier addressed the implications of the prospective study findings in relation to how carcinoid crisis should be prevented and treated now and in the future.

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