How Will Amazon's Basic Care OTC Line Affect Pharmacies?

Basic Care's products are cheaper to buy in bulk compared with other store brands.

Without much fanfare, Amazon recently launched a line of generic OTC medications called Basic Care. This line will compete with Giant Eagle's TopCare, Target's Up & Up, and Walmart's Equate brands.

It is interesting that Amazon did not use the company name in the name of the product line, but "Basic Care medicines are anything but basic. In fact, they are basically everything you expect from name brands, except the branding," the company said. Amazon is taking a minimalistic approach used by other companies in other sectors such as Brandless, which offers food products and household supply items.

So what does Basic Care offer?

The products are broken down into the following categories: allergy/cold/cough; children's; digestive; feminine hygiene; hair growth; pain; and stop smoking. Each category offers the basics, ranging from traditional analgesics and antihistamines to cough remedies. The lineup does not include topicals, wound care, or other targeted therapies.

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