How to Run a Useful Meeting


Before you call your next meeting, consider these 7 suggestions.

Throughout my professional career, I have participated in a number of meetings.

Many were a waste of my time. In some cases, I called the meeting and wasted other people’s time. It may be a little late in my career to acknowledge this shortcoming, but I’m sure I’m alone in this line of thinking.

If I had followed the suggestions in the “7 Ways to Run a Better Meeting” article published in Becker’s Hospital Review, I probably would not have called as many useless meetings, and those that were necessary would have been run better.

Before you call your next meeting, consider these 7 suggestions and think about how you might apply them:


Limit meetings to a maximum of seven people.


Create a "no devices allowed" rule.


Set an hour time limit.


Get everyone on their feet.


Call on everyone to participate.


Don't hold meetings just to give updates.


Set an agenda prior to the meeting and clearly communicate goals.

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