How Pharmacists Can Use Their Knowledge to Create a Dream Career


Meaning for work is essential to our happiness. How to creat that now.

I know the expectations and workload of pharmacists are enormous. F

or pharmacists who are ready for a change I have an idea: why don’t you use your pharmaceutical and health knowledge and experience to be a health educator or health coach? What would happen to our country if every retired pharmacist became a health educator and/or health coach?

You could make it into a business of any size. You can put on fun health related events for corporations trying to lower health care costs and bring health to their employees. You could employ other pharmacists to coach one on one while you ran the business and orchestrated the large events.

The possibilities are endless depending on how much money you want to put into the idea, and how ambitious and motivated you are.

The goal is to find work that is meaningful to you. Find work that fuels you and energizes you. Find work that makes you want to wake up in the morning and get moving.

I wholeheartedly believe that jobs that make the world a better place find financial success easier than other businesses. Yes I love bakeries and cupcake boutiques, but it is my opinion that those kind of business are going to struggle financially because they are not making the world better. They are making the world happier, but not healthier and better.

I also believe that jobs that connect people together are more fulfilling than jobs that isolate and separate people. I had a job at a mail order pharmacy and we had a conveyor belt where we just checked prescriptions all day and did not interact with people. We also had a call center were we could talk on the phone to customers and health care providers. The phone work always left me fulfilled and happy. The conveyor belt work left me feeling empty and exhausted.

Think of the meaningful relationships you would be developing and forming as a health educator? Think of the people you would be meeting. Imagine people thanking you for your knowledge. Think of the personal rewards you would receive knowing that people are feeling better, having less pain, and living better lives because of you.

People always make my jobs more fun.

I know what you’re thinking while reading this or what you soon will be thinking. You might be thinking what I was thinking before I started writing articles. Possibly you’re having feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy.

I had the same feelings. I saw people struggling to choose vitamins, minerals, and other OTC products. I wanted to help them, but I felt inadequate in my knowledge. Then I came to my senses and realized, if I don’t step up and humbly offer the little bit of information that I do have, then who else is going to do it? Who else is more qualified than a pharmacist with years of education and experience? Then I surprised myself. I actually had more knowledge and insights than I realized.

Pharmacists are the cream of the crop smart people, in my opinion. You cannot get in and out of pharmacy school unless you are a solid person. Banish those feeling of self doubt once and for all!

Turn inward. Listen to your gut instincts and find your true passion in life. Ask yourself what your dream job would be if you could have any kind of meaningful work in the world. Then ask yourself how you can incorporate your knowledge and experience into making that happen.

Maybe you like sports and being out doors. Maybe you can make a health retreat where unhealthy people go to get away from the city and get healthy. You can have people start new and develop healthy habits and lifestyles at the retreat before they go back to their city home.

You can teach them about health and then share your healthy pastimes with them. Whatever you like to do, invite them to do it too: bike riding, windsurfing, yoga by the ocean, swimming, singing, dancing—whatever. Do it for yourself, and take them along with you.

Good luck. I wish you all the success in the world. Also, if you want to connect and chat-chat with me on facebook you can find me at gk siska pharmd. I accept all friend requests from pharmacists and I’m here to encourage and support you and to listen to your stories and thoughts.

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