How Pharmacists Can Help Patients Plan for Natural Disasters

Hurricane Harvey left widespread destruction in Houston, TX, and Hurricane Irma poses the same threats.

Planning ahead for natural disasters can ensure that individuals stay safe and avoid potential health and safety dangers. Pre-planning is especially important for patients on a prescription drug regimen, as non-adherence may be life-threatening for certain conditions.

For many victims of Hurricane Harvey, planning ahead may have been the difference between life and death. Florida residents and those who live in the projected course of Hurricane Irma should take the necessary steps to ensure that proper adherence to their prescription drug regimen will not be affected.

According to the FDA, pharmacists play an important role in planning for emergencies. As the threat of Hurricane Irma approaches the United States, pharmacists must ensure their patients are informed about how to keep themselves and their medications safe.

“An emergency plan is especially important for those with health concerns, particularly if the power goes out,” pharmacist Henry Yu said in a Drug Info Rounds video from the FDA. “Taking precautions for storing medications and supplies is key to being prepared.”

The FDA reports that pharmacists should advise their patients to:

· Keep a current list of medications on hand, including dose and indication.

· Keep a log of how much medication they have.

· Receive early refills in the event of limited pharmacy access.

· Place medication in water-tight containers to prevent exposure to floodwater.

· Have ice handy for refrigerated medications.

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