How Partnering with Specialty Pharmacies Benefits Prescribers Beyond Fulfillment

Specialty pharmacies are uniquely positioned to assist prescribers in managing patient care and offsetting administrative burden.

Pressure to lower pharmacy spend affects every constituent in pharmacy benefit management. As payers are looking to lower drug costs by implementing step therapy benefit designs, prior authorization (PAs) requirements, narrowing formularies, and setting quantity limits, prescribers struggle to keep up with growing administrative requirements. Increasing administrative burden is a key contributor to professional dissatisfaction among prescribers.

Specialty pharmacies are uniquely positioned to assist prescribers in managing patient care and offsetting administrative burden. Specialty pharmacies provide physicians assistance with PAs, locate funding support, and educate patients regarding their therapy. As the first line of clinical contact when a patient starts experiencing issues with therapy, specialty pharmacies can readily mitigate adherence challenges. This support is of no use if the pharmacy does not keep the prescriber informed of the patient’s struggles in a timely manner.

Senderra, a specialty pharmacy founded in 2010, is a prescriber’s partner in the health care continuum. When it comes to facilitating the specialty medication prescription process, Senderra understands the level of administration and coordination it takes to start patients on the appropriate therapy. Senderra embraces prescriber’s processes and coordinates services to best fit how the prescriber’s practice administers and handles specialty medication fulfillment.

Senderra provides prescribers a robust catalog of technologically savvy tools designed to reduce the administrative burden, and assist keeping patients adherent to their therapy.

“We believe in using technology and data as catalysts to improving outcomes,” said Win Purifoy. “Technology is a tool to realizing efficiencies, and availing prescribers with the information needed to help their patients stay adherent to their therapy.”

Senderra’s interactive prescriber portal allows prescribers to communicate with Senderra real-time and access vital patient status information with a click of a mouse. Prescribers can utilize the portal to submit prescriptions, submit and check on patient’s prior authorization statuses, and medication shipments. The portal includes a real-time chat feature that allows prescribers and their staff to resolve any issues or provide any needed clarification with a live Senderra agent.

WellPath, Senderra’s clinical patient therapy program, provides a series of clinically relevant questionnaires designed to glean insights on a patients’ adherence and response to therapy. Prescribers are routinely sent reports with the results of the questionnaires, keeping them informed on their patients’ adherence. Certified specialty pharmacists are available at any time a patient has questions or concerns regarding their therapy. Any issues or breaks in therapy are communicated to the patient’s prescriber real-time.

“The help you provide means a lot,” says Maribel V. of a rheumatology practice in Dallas, Texas. “We utilize all your services, the portal, real-time chat, all of these have been instrumental in helping us care for our patients. We have noticed less calls from patients checking on prescription statuses and have even heard patient’s comment on how they appreciate the welcome calls from Senderra.”

Senderra’s service offerings allow prescribers and their staff to focus on patient care and maximize time with their patients. Prescribers often find that they are again free to focus on who matters most: their patients.