How Has NASP Advocated on Behalf of Specialty Pharmacies in the Fight Against DIR Fees?

Shiela Arquette, RPh, BS Pharm, Executive Director, National Association of Specialty Pharmacy, discusses how the organization has fought against direct and indirect remuneration fees on behalf of specialty pharmacies.

Arquette: NASP has been very actively engaged in working with members of congress, in working with CMS, also working with the members of the members of the organization and the public to showcase and to highlight the problem with DIR fees and how it’s impacting specialty pharmacies ability to continue to provide care for Medicare part D beneficiaries.

This year we also launched a website, which has a great instructional video, which helps to kind of bring down the complexity of the issue into a way that folks can understand and wrap their arms around, and just have a better understanding of what is happening and why it can be so detrimental to our industry.

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