How Does Partnering with Continuing Education, Advocacy Organizations Improve Patient Care?

Rina Shah, PharmD, Vice President, Pharmacy Operations and Specialty Pharmacy, Walgreens, speaks to the merits of partnering with continuing education and advocacy organizations.

Shah: In order for us to take care of our patients, we need to look at this much more holistically than we have in the past. It’s a partnership not only with physicians and payers but also advocacy groups because advocacy groups—like LLS—what they will do is they’ll identify resources to help patients stay adherent may it be through financial assistance or other types of sources.

The fantastic thing that we’ve set up is not only do we partner with organizations like NASP and Pharmacy Times to deliver CE content, we also partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so that they can continually round out the trainings that are out there.

We just recently opened up or launched our 50 specialized pharmacies in oncology and it’s been pretty great because what that has allowed us to do is not only look at it through a medication standpoint but look at all of the barriers to adherence. LLS has helped us do that. We were able to utilize that training that was developed to launch these 50 locations but it’s not only for pharmacists but also our pharmacy technicians.

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